Whale and dolphin watching Tenerife!

The “must do” for every tourist is a whale and dolphin watching trip on Tenerife. In one of the most popular places in the world you can experience a wonderful adventure. You are in company with whales and dolphins nearly face to face in the crystal clear blue water.

You´d like to relaxe in the sun, swim in beautiful, lovely surroundings and have a nice day on the atlantic ocean?- Try e.g. the tours of the “Royal Dolphin”! It is a wonderful and exciting excursion for the whole family.

Best places on Tenerife to see whales and dolphins

The most tours start in the south and west of the island. In Adeje, Arona, Playa de las Americas and Puerto de Santiago you have the possibility to join a fabulous trip. On a 2-4 hour tour you can identify different beautiful species of whales and dolphins. The chance to be in company with several, unique and impressive underwater creatures in the wild is very high. At the moment you have a chance of 80-95 % to see dolphins and even whales.

Different species and their occurrence

In the mild, blue canarian waters one third of the existing species of dolphins occur. The most seen species are the bottlenose dolphins and the pilot whales. Except from those, Risso Dolphins and Sperm Whales count to the resident species. Aside there are lots of migratory species, like minke whales, killer whales, blue whales and fin whales. Striped dolphins, fraser´s dolphin and rough-toothed-dolphins also have been discovered near Tenerife.

pilot whales tenerife

Best times to see whales and dolphins

Because of the mild climate, the calm water, the high quality of the water and the various food, there are permanent pods of whales and dolphins around the coast of Tenerife. You can see the marine mammals over the whole year. Only in the winter season, in december and january whale and dolphin watching is not recommended, because short bad weather periods can appear.

It was found out, that after a full moon the activities of whales lowered, but there is no biological proof behind. Whales don´t have a biological rhythm like humans. They sleep when they need to, regardless if it´s day or night.

How does a tour run?

First of all you need to know that you are in very good and professional hands. Don´t worry about your security or those of the dolphins and whales.

So, what is expecting you on the tours?

At first the crew is looking for short- finned pilot whales and dolphins, so that you can enjoy the formidable view on them. Through the glass bottom or on the outside of the catamaran you can have a unbelievable close experience with the sea mammals.

After that you can relish a short break with a delicious snack while the boat is driving through the beautiful and amazing southern coast of Tenerife. The next destinations are the impressive Cliffs of Los Gigantes and the popular Masca bay. Here you have the opportunity to take a refreshing bath in the crystal clear, blue ocean. Or have fun under the big, refreshing waterfall of the catamaran. If you don´t like swimming, relax in the warm sun and enjoy the trip with a nice drink. Before returning to the harbour, you will get a delicate buffet lunch.

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How to behave on the trips – Dos and Don´ts


  • carry sun protection

  • bring your camera, a towel and your swimsuit

  • be prepared for motion sickness, take some medicaments with you


  • never touch the whales and dolphins, it disturbs them and may damage their natural skin protection

  • never feed the animals, it is bad for their health and can tend to result in their death

Behavior of the whales and dolphins during the trip

No trip is the same. It is always a new experience, even for the crew. You can see different things every time. Depending on the species, time of the day, sea conditions and many more factors the behaviour of the whales and dolphins changes.

Often monitored attitudes are jumps, mammals shooting water from their blowholes or forming bubbles, lobtailing and spyhopping.


by: Katharina Völler


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