Top 5 climbing spots in Tenerife – For beginners and pros!

Relaxing at the beach, sunshine, enjoying the ocean – are you missing some excitement? If you are looking for variety and new challenges, you do not want to miss out on Tenerife’s climbing trails.

Tenerife's 5 best places for climbing

Why should I go climbing?

You are facing the sheer rock wall, your only aids are your hands and feet, a thin single rope is holding you, you look up the wall while thinking: “How am I supposed to get up there all by myself?

The first time you go climbing you might perceive it as a little odd. But as soon as you try to work your way up, step by step, until you finally reach the top and get to enjoy the stunning view from up there, you will realise what fascinates so many people about rock climbing. You will get a totally different view of the island and reach your physical and emotional limits.

Once you have discovered how awesome rock climbing can be, you will know that Tenerife is just right for you, since it is considered Europe’s largest unknown paradise for rock climber. The island offers a vast number of sport and traditional climbing trails as well as extensive bouldering. Tenerife provides an incredible variety of trails, there are countless slabs, overhangs and everything in between waiting for you.

Moreover, the climate is really mild all year round, so it is never too hot or too cold for a climbing excursion. Around Tenerife’s most important climbing areas in the south you can attain more than 15 crags within just 20 minutes drive. So you are able to reach a huge amount of climbing trails, which offer a diversity of amazing landscapes, within a short period of time. Even if you stay in Tenerife for just a couple of days, you will be able to explore a few different trails every day.

To make sure you do not miss out on a great climbing trail, we are going to present you:


The 5 best spots to go rock climbing in Tenerife


1.) Arico – offers something for everyone

There is absolutely no way around Arico when exploring Tenerife’s climbing scene. Arico is the largest area for climbing here. It is located in the south and consists of more than 260 routes waiting for you to discover them.

It does not matter if you are on your very first climbing trip or if you are looking for a more challenging trail, here you will find your perfect route for sure. Arico’s climbing trails are situated in a canyon which makes your climbing trip a unique experience where you get to enjoy fantastic landscapes.

2.) Cañada del Capricho – climbing above clouds

The area Cañada del Capricho (also known as Las Cañadas) is located in the national park of Tenerife’s most famous landmark – the dormant volcano Teide. Impressive views are a guarantee here.

The consistency of the volcanic rock is rather edgy which makes Cañada del Capricho a spot for more advanced and experienced climbers. You are climbing at an altitude of more than 2000m where it can be really cold in winter while the sun stays strong all year. So pack the right clothes and make sure to put on some sunscreen!

Next to the Teide itself, Los Roques de Garcia, especially the crag “La Catedral”, are probably the biggest attraction for climber in this area. The whole rock formation is very solid with a lot of grips – so it is perfect for climbing! “La Catedral” is a separate standing rock of 200m height, which consists of 15 climbing routes of diverse levels of difficulty.

If you fancy bouldering Las Cañadas is the spot for you as well, since you will find a wide range of routes there. Bouldering means that you go on your climbing adventure without any equipment like ropes or harnesses.

To get all the way up the Teide you will have to apply for permission at the Autonomous Organisation of National Parks . You can apply until 2pm on the day before you want to enter the park, but we strongly recommend you to take care of it earlier (2-4 weeks beforehand), because the number of permits is limited.

The best spot for climbing in Spain

3.) Guaria – watch out for other islands!

The third largest rock climbing area is the canyon Guía de Isora (Guaria) which is located in the southwest of Tenerife and has more than 100 routes.

The rock face of several hundred meters in combination with the gorge with overhanging ledges make a very adventurous tour through Guaria very adventurous. It is also provided with a number of multi-pitch routes. If you are lucky and climb the canyon on a clear day you get rewarded by spotting the islands La Gomera and La Palma.

4.) El Rio – climb through the river

El Rio is another attractive climbing area in Tenerife. It is located close by Arico and consists out of 93 routes which are up to 30m high. Most of them are rather technical and medium to high in difficulty.

What fascinates climbers about this route is the beautiful surrounding and the views you get. You are climbing within a dried up river bed so you have an expansive view. But you are also exposed to the sun all the time, so take this into account before you head off to the trail!

5.) Viva Las Vegas – rock on!

In this Las Vegas it is not all about gambling but about rock climbing! On 62 routes you challenge yourself on the climbing spots while enjoying the amazing environment around you. In this area you find an impressive natural diversity of cactuses and other plants. Las Vegas was the very first area in Tenerife people used for climbing.The routes may look a little chaotic, but don’t let this confuse you – all routes are definitely  worth to exploring! Especially if you try traditional climbing for the first time we advise you to try these trails.

Our Top 5 are only a selected few of the countless climbing trails which are waiting for you to discover them. If you want to explore more, or even all of them, here you will find an overview of all trails in Tenerife, their exact location and some additional information.


Especially if you decide to go climbing for the very first time, we strongly recommend you to take a course before you hit the climbing trails. Even advanced climbers benefit from taking a course by improving their footwork and movements.

Learning by climbing!

The climbing school El Ocho Escalada offers a range of courses for climbers of all levels. For beginners they provide two different Climbing Introduction Courses, both courses take two days, one 4 hours per day and the other one 6 hours. During the introduction course you start to get familiar with rope handling techniques and learn about different strategies for leading and falling as well as some emotional aspects of climbing.

If you are already experienced in climbing but want to learn more about movement, footwork and tactics for saving energy whilst climbing, the Performance Climbing Coaching is the right course for you.

The next stage for professional climbers is taking the lead in climbs, so being the first up the rock and trailing the rope. Becoming a leader is a huge step for every climber. The Learn To Lead Course will assist you in taking this step by providing you with confidence and skills necessary to take it.

In all courses your safety is the first priority. The experienced team will take you to the best spots for your level and are responsive to your individual wishes about what you want to learn or improve. All necessary equipment and insurances are included in your course fee.

Top 5 spots to climb in Tenerife

What else do I need?

By the time you feel confident to explore Tenerife’s rocks and canyons without professional guidance you will still need professional equipment to accompany you.

Tenerife Outdoor is Tenerife’s biggest store for rock climbing gear and can provide you with everything a climber’s heart desires, you can even purchase or borrow topo maps of Tenerife. The stores are located in Granadilla de Abona and in La Laguna.

Even if you already have some gear at home, you might not want to take it by airplane to Tenerife. Therefore, Roxtar has the ultimate solution for you. They rent climbing gear and crash pads (of utmost importance if you go bouldering) for a decent price. Their equipment is of the highest quality and not older than a year.

Another must-have when exploring Tenerife’s climbing trails is a vehicle. It is much easier to get around with all your equipment and it allows you a high degree in flexibility. You will find a number of car rental agencies right at each of the two airports.

Whether you came to Tenerife to make your first experience in climbing, to perfectionate your technical skills or just to discover beautiful landscapes and enjoy unforgettable views – you definitely won’t regret your climbing adventure in Tenerife.

 Just dare to try it!


by Sabrina Swemers

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