In the midst of dolphins and whales – Scuba Diving in Tenerife

Would you like to see an impressive underwater world?- Then come to dive in Tenerife

Explore the amazing and multivarious flora and fauna. Scuca Diving in Tenerife is an exciting adventure. Equal if you are a beginner or advanced  – divers of every skill level are welcome to make their experiences in the crystal clear blue water.

Best Seasons in Tenerife

Because of the mild climate, Tenerife is the perfect and favourable place for diving. Throughout the whole year the temperatures are mild. In the winter time the water temperature doesn`t  fall under 18 degrees. In the summer season the temperature reaches 24 degrees. So, you can enjoy a variety of sea life almost 365 days a year.

Explore the amazing underwater world

Tenerife is a paradise for divers. More than 22 different diving places are located at the coast of Tenerife. Here you will find a colorful flora and a dramatic underwater world. Enjoy the impressive and unique fauna! The abundance of fish is great because of the Atlantic and Subtropical marine fauna. It includes barracudas, manta rays, tunas, stingrays, seahorses, moray eels, turtles, whales and dolphins. In the winter months, between November and April, anglesharks also can be spotted.

diving in tenerifescuba diving Tenerife -manta rayScuba diving Tenerife -Barracuda Laban

You would like to experience the most beautiful underwater landscape? Then explore the Tenerife landscape. It is affected by caves, drop-offs, overhangs and tunnels. Amazing rock formations and steep faces of volcanic origin turn it to an unforgettable adventure. The different cliffs are between 6 and 50 meters deep.


The 10 most famous diving sites

The most popular diving locations are located in the south-east and the south- west of the isle.

Western coast:

  • La Atlantida, it is near los Gigantes and very popular because of its special and dramatic landscape


Los Gigantes:

  • Echo Bay, with a lot of small plateaus and a beautiful marine life
  • Barranco seco, which is famous for its sting rays
  • Marazul, popular for spectacular arches and shallow blowholes and several aquatic species.
  • Las Vistas and Playa Paraiso, here you can be in company with lots of amazing species of fish like Octupus, garden eels,scorpion fish,cuttle fish and lizard fish.


Eastern coast:

  • Radezul, it is an interesting diving site because of the various different species of fish
  • Las Eras is famous for its rays


Southern coast:

Las Galletas:

  • Palm Mar, here you can dive very deep and find the biggest Moray Eels ever seen
  • Yellow Mountain, to reach lovely pinnacles
  • El Puertito, here the main attraction are the turtles. This dive site is very good for training for beginners


For people who like to make an extraordinary experience there is the chance of wreck diving in the Condesito wreck near Santa Cruz. Also there is a possibility to dive during the night: in the north of the island, next to Santa Cruz.

diving in tenerife

Offers and prices

  • Tenerife Water Sports, Puerto Colón, 38600 Playa de Las Américas, Diving / BOB Diving, Whales & Dolphins, up to 44 €
  • PADI Diving Centre, Avda. Melchor Luz, 3 Edificio Principado, local 63, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz
  • Tenerife Dive, Local 340A CC Compostela Beach, 38660 Playa de las Americas, up to 41 €
  • Scubayaci Diving Centre Tenerife,Rambla Dionisio Gonzalez 14, loc. D · 38631 Las Galletas, up to 50 €
  • Island divers, Calle Atlas 20, Costa del Silencio,38630 Arona, up to 39 €

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