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Searching for hiking tips in Tenerife? Go for Masca!

Personally, I love being outside and enjoying nature. Sitting somewhere on the coast, having a good coffee [or beer] and feeling the sun on my [...]

Top 5 climbing spots in Tenerife – For beginners and pros!

Relaxing at the beach, sunshine, enjoying the ocean - are you missing some excitement? If you are looking for variety and new challenges, you do [...]

Camping in Tenerife – Pure nature in the mountains or near the beaches

A great alternative to the typical hotels that the island offers. Travel with your caravan, get a tent or just rent the equipment for camping in Tenerife. Pure beautiful nature to enjoy!

Explore the fish world of the Atlantic – Go fishing in Tenerife!

One of the most popular and exciting activities in Tenerife is fishing. Very good spots along the coastline and the fish-rich waters of the Atlantic [...]

Skydiving in Tenerife – the ultimate adrenalin rush for thrillseekers

One of the most amazing activities of adventure sports is definitely skydiving. A sport for thrillseekers. Adrenalin rush is guaranteed. In 15 minutes a plane [...]

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