Searching for hiking tips in Tenerife? Go for Masca!

Personally, I love being outside and enjoying nature. Sitting somewhere on the coast, having a good coffee

[or beer] and feeling the sun on my face can be just perfect sometimes. But to be honest, I have done that for the last 8 weeks! Well, thats why I felt I had to pick myself up and spring into action. Do something. Be active.

Fortunately, I am on the beautiful Canary Island Tenerife right now. And wow, this place has so much to offer concerning outdoor and sports activities! Paragliding, surfing, the amazing waves, moutain biking down beautiful Teide or climbing big rocks. All of that sounds good to me, but way too adventurous as a start. So, I picked something that seemed to be simple, something comparably boring. I went hiking in Masca.

Getting to Masca – no matter if you reach the valley from north or south – is simply stunning. Driving down the road is an adventure itself and it can take you hours: actually just because of the many many stops you’ll probably make to take pictures. If you have the chance to reach Masca Valley quite early in the morning – do it. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in whole tribes of tourists, arriving from every single part of the Island in their big tour buses. There is only little space for parking along the twisty road. But well, not to stop here is not an option, so keep calm and snatch the last tiny gap.

Masca Valley is really one of the most beautiful places in Tenerife

Altough I was lazy, rejecting all sorts of sporty activities so far, I have been to many places on the island. And the variety of its landscape is impressive! But Masca has definitely been one of the places I loved the most.

Until the eighties, Masca has only been reachable by foot, horse or donkey. That is why it is sometimes called the “lost village” in Tenerife. Nowadays, there are still only about 100 people living in the area. Disregarding the daily crowds of tourists disturbing the peaceful gem, of course. The village is divided into several small parts and where possible, people created terrace fields aiming at growing citrus fruits, prickly pears and lots of other delicious stuff.

Let’s go: Hiking “Masca Gorge” down to the coast

On the way down to the acutal trail I met this charming elderly gentleman, selling fresh fruits. He seemed to be quite happy being able to talk to somebody in his own language and we kept philosophying about how lovely the area is. Finally, I moved on, with a bag full of prickly pears. Damn, I thought to myself, what a good salesperson.

The walk starts right underneath the village. You’ll rarely miss it, just follow the labels. The trail itself is also well provided with signs, so no worries doing the trek on your own. But if you are the social type of person, preferring to hike in a group, check out these organised tours.

Hiking through Masca gorge, down to the coast, took me about 3,5 hours. You know how lazy I have been, so I guess trained people probably need less time. Anyway, just walk in your own speed and take your time to enjoy the stunning landscape. Along the adventurous path you’ll encounter steep rocks, species-rich vegetation and colourful flowers. My recommendation: wear good hiking boots instead of worn out Chucks! The trail can be challenging, especially when the earth is still wet. And remember there are no toilets along the trail. But as a nature-lover you’ll always find a nice place behind one of the rocks. Good luck!

Although I really enjoyed scramling down the hiking trail, finally reaching the sea was great. The imagination to walk all the way up again almost killed me, so I chose to wait for one of the dolphin watching boats that could take me to Los Gigantes. So here I was, sitting somewhere on the coast again, feeling the sun on my face. And thanks to the fruit-man, having a great picnic!

 by Nele W.


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