Explore the fish world of the Atlantic – Go fishing in Tenerife!

One of the most popular and exciting activities in Tenerife is fishing. Very good spots along the coastline and the fish-rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean offer a variety of different species. This makes fishing in Tenerife particularly exciting.

Depending on the season you can catch tuna, stingrays, sharks, swordfish and many more small and big species of fish. Generally, Tenerife has an all year round fishing season.

What type of fishing you should do?

Well, it depends on the weather and of course your personal interest. Fishing in Tenerife provides plenty of appropriate spots for trolling and jigging as well as bottom fishing.

Several supplier offer different cruises for beginners as well as experienced fisherman. Advanced fishing skills, a fishing license or a minimum age is not necessary. The experienced crews take you to the best spots around Tenerife and assist you with helpful advices. All necessary equipment as well as food and drinks are usually provided.

So which trip you choose depends entirely on your taste. The offers vary from short trips to full day trips. The costs for a four hour trip start at about 60 to 75 euros and  increase if you want to have an extension of the tour. The maximum number of participants per cruise varies, depending on size of the boat and supplier and is usually between four and six people.

Most providers also offer special trips like private trips. These cruises can be booked for an additional charge.

So if you like to go fishing in Tenerife, there are plenty possibilities. A successful catch!


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