The 3 most exciting underwater activities in Tenerife

Diving in Tenerife – a special adventure!

Would you like to have an amazing underwater experience? – Than come to Tenerife and try diving in the crystal clear blue water. Diving in Tenerife is a spectacular adventure, you will never forget!

There are many different opportunities for beginners and advanced divers.  Because of the mild climate on Tenerife, diving is possible the whole year long.

The water- temperatures are between 14 and 25 degrees- so just enjoy your stay!

The impressive underwater world shows different species of flora and fauna.  You can be in company with eels,  barracuda, whales, dolphins and sharks and see colorful flowers.

The underwater landscape is affected by beautiful caves, drop-offs, tunnels and rock formations of volcanic origin.

Diving in tenerife

The best places for diving in Tenerife

Tenerife is a paradise for divers-  there are 22 different diving places located at the coast of Tenerife.

The most important diving sites are in the south and the west of the isle. For example you can find good diving places in Las Eras, Los Gigantes, Marazul, Radezul, Las Vistas, El Puertito or Las Galletas.

Next diving events on Tenerife

The next diving event is in march. You shouldn´t miss the UTD scuba makeover to improve your skills and meet other people who are intrested in diving.

Over the whole year there are a lot of different special events. Please check out our blog regularly. We will inform you about the newest trends and settings!

Scuba Diving in Tenerife – Into the deep

The constantly warm and crystal clear waters that Tenerife has all year long are home to a great variety of sea life. Ideal for scuba diving.

Divers can enjoy the views and company of barracudas, manta rays, tunas, stingrays, seahorses, moray eals, turtles, whales and dolphins. In the winter months, between November and April, anglesharks can be also spotted.

The abundance of fish is great because of the Atlantic and Subtropical marine fauna.  There are plenty of possibilities for discovering amazing rock formations of volcanic origin like caves, drop-offs, overhangs, canyons, tunnels and other.

discover diving in tenerife

Tenerife is offering a variety of dive sites. But what is so special about Tenerife and where do you have the possibility to enjoy its unique underwater world?

Hey! Here is an insider tip

The best places to dive in Tenerife are:

Northern coast: Garachico, Las Anclas, Baja los Realejos, La Chimenea, La Catedral

Eastern coast: Radazul, Las Eras

Southern coast: Abades, Montaña Amarilla, La Falla, Los Chuchos, El Condesito, Cueva del Palm Mar

Western coast: Cueva de los Cerebros, Baja Alcalá, Punta Blanca, Barranco Seco

Important information to know before diving – Diving licence and courses

In Tenerife you can choose among 19 diving schools, which are located nearby the ocean, offering attractive places and diving conditions for all divers.

They all are offering quality scuba diving and diving courses for all levels and the necessary permits & insurances you need.

There are possibilities for BSAC – Education and Trainings which are internationally-recognised and acknowledged as the most respected and best trainings in the world.

Also the worldwide known PADI trainings are offered for beginners to divemasters.

Underwater world in Tenerife

Diving for novices

Normally everyone can learn to dive. You only have to consider a few things before start.

Make sure that you choose a diving teacher who has enough experience and the needed licence that allows him to teach you.

In this case you can be sure you are getting the right instructions when it comes up to your medical and physical previous conditions.

The high pressure under the sea can make people with some diseases, lung or ear injuries, and taking some kinds of medication experience some problems while diving.

The most common way to receive this information is answering a medical questionnaire. Be sure you are fill this questionnaire honestly before getting started. Some countries also have age limits for children and their attendance depend on their maturity level. The same applies to people with disabilities.

A further recommendation is to learn diving first in theory. It is vital to learn what kind of impact the water has to your body. If all this is considered, and your security is assured you can start with your first diving experience.

BOB diving in Tenerife – a very special Experience

BOB Diving  is an individual underwater scooter that does not need much effort and can be used by everyone. At the moment you immerse your head under the water to bring it into the head section of the bike you have an amazing view around you.

When you are doing your vacation in Tenerife, the unique adventure, for sure is the BOB-adventure. Don’t miss that because Tenerife is the only place in Europe where you can experience this ride on your own!!

scuba diving in tenerife - best places

The people that had the opportunity to join the unique  underwater ride, recommend this as a MUST to everyone who is spending time on Tenerife. It lasts about half an hour and is worthy every second of it.

Find your BOB!!

You don’t have a clue where?

In Puerto Colon Marina, Pier 4,  Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

All the preconditions you need to have are a certain height i.e. above 1,55 m, the ability to swim and good medical conditions. Of course you get the right instruction on site.

Psst! …here is an insider tip!

Snorkeling in Tenerife – best way to find your spirit

Snorkeling in Tenerife is done recreationally, mostly at all the scuba diving sites. All you require is swimming skills for starting exploring the underwater world. The needed equipment is a diving mask, a snorkel tube and fins.

A good snorkeling experience depends on factors like the weather and water conditions, e.g. a protected bay with calm water without current is best for the sight underwater.

snorkeling in tenerife

Where to find the best places for snorkeling in Tenerife?

The area at the east coastline of Tenerife i.e. Abades Playa is a very nice place for snorkeling and for diving beginners. There can be seen a variety of colourful fish species. Another recommended place for snorkeling is the El Puertito – known because of the turtels that can be seen nearby.
And towards the red mountain (Monataña Roja) nearby the Medano area.


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