Snorkeling in Tenerife: One thing NOT to miss

Discover the world of Tenerife from a different point of view

Tenerife offers a lot more than a beautiful landscape. There is a breathtaking underwater world with an amazing flora and fauna.

To discover Tenerife’s incredible underwater world you don’t need a ton of expensive diving equipment.

Try snokeling and you will be surprised how easy it is to enter a world that you would have never expected to be so fascinating.

Especially one creature will catch your attention. The ocean turtle. 5 different types of turtles exist on Tenerife.

Their length starts at 90 centimeters and can measure up to 2,70 meters! These incredible ocean turtles can be found very close to the coast and are often a common companion when you are snorkeling.

All you need for snorkeling is a nice spot and the ABC-equipment which includes diving goggles and a snorkel. Flippers are optional, as they are only useful in case you want to be able to swim faster.

With this equipment you can see the underwater world clearly and won’t miss a second of all the beautiful impressions. Due to the all-season mild climate snorkeling is possible 365 days a year.

4 great spots for Snorkeling in Tenerife

There are also a lot of spots in Tenerife and you can almost snorkel at the entire coast of the island. Check out our 4 spots that are very recommandable! In case you want to have a guided tour with provided equipment, no problem!

With a guided tour you can find the best spots where you can be much closer to the sea dwellers than you can imagine.

Guided tours are a lot of fun!

El Puertito

At EL PUERTITO the ocean has a depth of up to 12 meters. Turtles can be seen at a depth of eight meters all year round. The terrain is made up of a rocky reef. One important fact you have to know is that El Puertito can only be reached by car.

Tenerife has a huge amount of companies where you can rent cars for competitive prices. The average price lies between15€ and 25€ per day.

Arrival: Over TF-1 to TF-47 direction Playa Paraíso, than the second exit on the left to El Puertito.


Age :
No minimum age restrictions existing for snorkeling at the Absolut Dive Center. However, kids who want to snorkel should be trained swimmers and in good physical shape. In the providers’ experience  the best age for starting with snorkeling is with 8 years.

They offer a standard tour to see turtles. On request they also offer other trips, short and full-day trips.

The numberGroup discounts are offered starting at a group of 4 people.

Group size:
The number of cars available limits the number of guests that can be accepted. The maximum number per car is 5 people with one snorkeling guide. If there are more people they take a second car and an additional snorkeling guide.


Absolut Dive Center

Avd. Bruselas 4-6
38670 Costa Adeje
Tenerife, Spain


Tel: (+34) 922 71 79 11


Price: 29,- €
incl. snorkeling equipment

Playa de las Vistas

La Playa de las Vistas is an artificial beach with fine and bright sand. The beach is located between Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas and together with Playa Los Cristianos it forms the longest beach in Tenerife.
Due to the proximity to Playa de Las Américas it is very easy to reach the spot by bus.

The bathroom facilities are very nice and hygienic. Apart from snorkeling there are a lot of other activities available. For example you can go surfing, hang-gliding, jet-skiing or you can take a sunbath. The best places for snorkeling are  a little furhter in the water.

Bus lines:
111 (Santa Cruz / Los Cristianos / Playa de Las Américas)
343 (Puerto Cruz / Los Cristianos / Playa de Las Américas)
473 (Los Gigantes / Las Galletas / Los Cristianos)
470 (Granadilla / Los Cristianos / Playa de Las Américas)

There are no guided tours offered by agencies. You have to go and explore the ocean on your own.


Playa de las Arenas

Playa de las Arenas is a place that everybody should like. It is located at the outskirts of Puerto de Santiago. It is a beautiful black sandy beach. It is a perfect place to discover the underwater world because of its crystal clear water. You can be sure that the beaches are clean all the time.

Playa de las Arenas received the Blue Flag in 1989 which means its cleanness is certified since then. You can change and stow away your clothes and belongings in certain places. It is a nice place for singles and families.

Bus lines:
325 (Puerto de la Cruz / A. Los Gigantes – through Icod de los Vinos)
462 (Guia de Isora / A. Los Gigantes – through Tamaimo
473 (Los Cristianos / A. Los Gigantes – through Adeje)
477 (Los Cristianos  / A. Los Gigantes – DIRECT)
493 (Guia de Isora / A. Los Gigantes – through Alcalá)


Playa del Duque

Playa del Duque is a quiet place. It makes a perfect place for snorkeling. The ocean is shallow so you can enjoy the wonderful view underwater without any trouble.

It is located in the South of Tenerife and has a very small but nice bay with a lot of sunshine an cosy temperatures. Generally said it posseses a joyable climate.

It has a nice and quiet surrounding even though the Playa de Las Américas that can get loud and busy  is very close to Playa del Duque. At this beach you have to go snorkeling on your own as well. But if you inform yourself you can find a lot of other people who want to go snorkeling in a group.

Bus lines:
110 (Santa Cruz / Los Cristianos – Costa Adeje (Express))
417 (Los Cristianos / Guía de Isora – through Costa Adeje)
460 (Icod de los Vinos / Costa Adeje)

Afterwards you have to change the bus lines:

418 (Playa Americas / Hotel Riu (La Caleta))
467 (Playa Americas / C C El Duque (Final Parada))

After your arrival you can reach your destination by foot in just a couple of minutes.

Find your bus connection here:

Bus Tenerife. Called guagua. Get Information.


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