Camping in Tenerife – Pure nature in the mountains or near the beaches

The only way to truly experience the untouched nature is to go camping in Tenerife. The volcanic island offers a great variety of flora and fauna which you won’t find  in other countries or on other islands.

Great places out of town, a picturesque landscape, beautiful nature, black beaches, great weather – altogether the best circumstances to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Maybe you will also feel the urge to go camping? It’s the perfect way to discover the unique nature that is constantly surrounding you.

Camping on the island in general is a little bit different than camping in other countries such as the Netherlands or Germany. Camping has its roots in these countries and most people there are crazy about it.

The standards are also different from the “native camping countries” and it’s hardly comparable to the campsites on mainland Spain.

Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly popular in Tenerife.

All about camping in Tenerife

The main camping areas are divided into 2 parts, the Southern and the Northern ones. There you’ll find most of the campsites.

Wild camping is forbidden in nature reserves and on the beaches. Prior to going camping in the wilderness you need to get an authorization license handed out by the competent authority, the island’s council, called “Medio Ambiente, Paisaje, Deportes” (Department of Environment, Landscape and Sports located in La Laguna).

Then you are permitted to camp at the designated camp areas. In most of these areas you’ll have access to toilets and drinkable water.

Please note that the application process needs time – at least seven days before your desired starting date. Another thing to mention is that you have to show up at the office in person to request the permission!

The reason why they try to keep the number of campers in the wild relatively small is simple. On the one hand it’s because of the dangers of forest fires, especially during summer, and on the other hand their intention to keep the nature clean and not disturb the animals living in these regions.

The license itself is free and intended only for the clarification of safety purposes. Nevertheless don’t forget to always have it with you. In case a ranger asks you for it you have to show it to him.

During the Winter it’s probably not the best option to go wild camping because most of the designated areas are situated in higher, colder regions where it can get pretty frosty at night. It would be more recommendable to go to regular camping sites.

Address of the Islands Council (Department of Environment, Landscape and Sports) in La Laguna:

Excmo. Cabildo Insular de Tenerife
Área de Medio Ambiente y Paisaje
Pabellón Santiago Martín – Los Majuelos
C/ Las Macetas s/n
38108 La Laguna
Telephone: 901 501 901

The different types of camping sites

There are many campsites around the island but not all of them are fully equipped with all the necessities you may need. Some of them only have some water pumps, tables and parkings. That’s for those who want to escape the stressful daily routine and just relax in nature.

Their capacities vary from 10 – 150 places and most of them are situated in the mountains or near the beaches.

But don’t worry if you don’t like that trivial kind of camping. There are more luxurious campsites where you have toilets, showers, caféterias and sometimes even playgrounds for children.

You will also be able to find some first class camps with spaces for more than thousand people. They provide tents, caravans or wooden cabins with all the luxury you need. The offered facilites and services for example include swimming pools, laundry services, supermarkets and bars.

Are you travelling with your partner or by yourself? You want to go to the quietest place? Or are you going to stay with your children? In Tenerife there are camping sites for everybody!

This makes camping in Tenerife a diverse adventure that camping fans shouldn’t miss!

Average prices per night

Adults: 4€          Children: 3€          Electricity: 3€

Car (parking): 3,50€   Motorcycle (parking): 2,50€   Place for tent: 3,50€   Place for caravan: 5,50€

Depending on how good the campsite is equipped and how much space you have there the prices can vary. But besides that, the living costs on the island are pretty low which makes your trip even cheaper.

Compared to expensive hotels where you hardly get in contact with nature, living in a tent at a campsite is literally taking place WITHIN nature!

It’s cheap, it’s beautiful and it has a nice atmosphere. Those are a few points that explain why camping in Tenerife is very popular, also for surfers. Another advantage for surfers is that many camping areas are close to some nice beaches. This is a pretty positive aspect for all other campers as well!

Whether you come by car, on a motorcycle or with your caravan, it doesn’t matter. The prices are never too expensive for a stay at the camping sites.

Enjoy the quietness, save some money and discover the beautiful landscapes of Tenerife.

The camping sites

Montaña Roja

This camping site is located in the South of the island near the beautiful beach La Tejita. It offers enough space for 300 people in the middle of a natural reserve. You have a great view over the Montaña Roja, a big mountain near the campsite. Many kite and wind surfers go camping  at this place because of some great surf spots nearby. The Montaña Roja camping site is very well equipped and it’s open all year long.


A campsite suitable for families. It’s very well equipped with a restaurant, a supermarket, a bar, many possibilities for doing different sports, a playground for children and much more things such as swimming pools for example. You’ll find all the luxury you also have in expensive hotels. If you are not a friend of tents or just want to stay at a more comfortable place they offer pretty, green cabins. Nauta is also not far from the next beach and located in the South of Tenerife.

El Castillo de Himeche

A perfect place to relax with nature surrounding you. You have a very nice view over the volcano Teide and the island next to Tenerife, La Gomera, from this campsite. It’s located in the Southwest of Tenerife and you only need to walk 15 minutes to get to Playa San Juan. Guía de Isora is also only a 5 minute walk away from this camping site. It includes a space of 15000 square meters and offers places for tents and caravans. Besides showers and toilets there is also a swimming pool available.

For the real hardcore campers among you there are some places for camping without any luxury right in the wilderness. The only things you’ll find there are fountains, tables and fireplaces. If you are looking for that kind of camping just have a look at the little list down here. Those are just a few of the huge amount of wild camping sites.

Arenas Negras

This one is located in the community of Garachico. You can reach that place by car and it also has a parking. The only thing you have there is access to water, the rest you’ll have to manage by yourself.


This campsite is located in the South of Los Realejos and all you’ll find is the possibility to get fresh water and park your car. It’s situated near some mountains and is a beautiful place to go hiking.

El Lagar

One of the few well equipped wild campsites. It offers showers, toilets, water and a parking. Disabled people can also access this campsite. El Lagar is situated in the Parque Natural Corona Forestal and belongs to the community of Icod.

La Caldera

This camping site is next to La Orotava and is only for people who really want to get into pure nature. The only thing here is a parking and it’s in the middle of a forest. Don’t forget to take enough water and food with you if you decide to go there!


Inform yourself about the exact prices of the camping sites, pick the best option for you and enjoy your camping trip!


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