5 sightseeing-tours you shouldn’t miss in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the canarian islands and has a lot of wonderful places to discover and activities to do. In the bunch of offers you can easily feel lost. But don’t worry, we give you an overview of the five most exciting things to do during your stay.

Real Safari Jeep Tour in Tenerife

For example: would you like to explore the unaccassible corners of fascinating Tenerife?

Get off the main roads…

There are not many possibilities to get off the beaten track – take the chance and jump on a jeep safari to discover the hot spots of the island: not only spectecular views, different kinds of landscape and nature and lonely canyons will cross your way but even sleepy villages are ready to get spotted…

Various tour operators offer different excursions to diverse spectecular destinations on alternative routes, e.g. tours to the 3.718 m high Mount Teide via the famous “hidden” city Masca. In addition, some tour operators even offer tours to the neighbouring island of La Gomera!

On the one hand, you have the possibilty to choose an exciting standard tour on offer! On the other hand, however, you could even combine your private activities or plans with the jeep tour!

The tour operator will be happy to create your own trip!

Jeep Tour in Tenerife

Make up your own route!

Either you can book a tour on your own and get to know a lot of new people on the jeep ride, but if you prefer to experience this adventure only with your family/friends, get yourself a private car booked!

Since you are the boss determining the way and lenghts of your stops, you will not rush by any interesting viewpoints without having the chance to take any picture or having a time for a walk.

According to your needs and wishes, you can choose your kind of transport: the offer ranges from the classic open adventure style jeep to make it a real outdoor event to comfortable four-wheel-drive-vehicle.

Horse riding through breathtaking landscapes

Magical moments are awaiting you whilst horse riding off the beaten track through beautiful forests and nature reserves with banana, tomato or avocado plantations up the hill to the well known “moonlandscape”.

Hardly any other island has to offer such a breathtaking and diversified landscape as well as flora and fauna. With a rising altitude, you will be able to enjoy even more spectecular views of the sea, the canyons, the volcanic mountains and due to a damper climate, the fauna, with Tenerife’s endemic plants, becomes more fertile.

Active holiday or relaxing vacation?

If you are looking for an adventure holiday or a relaxing vacation in the tranquility of Tenerife, you will find the perfect mix of what you are seeking at one of the various tour operators in the North and South of the island.

Horse riding in Tenerife

Not only single riding lessons on a horse or pony but even specialised jumping and dressing classes are on offer. Should you, however, prefer a more intense and active holiday, take part in one of the longterm riding excursions or even get the full experience by staying on a horse ranch.

As a matter of course, riding lessons are offered for everybody: kids and adults as well as beginners or experienced horse riders.

So, just choose your route and destination and explore “secret” Tenerife on the back of a horse !!!

Bird’s-eye view of Tenerife by helicopter

The next thing to do is a helicopter tour in Tenerife! During the tour, of minimum 20km (at least 10 minutes), it’s possible to see some hidden places you can’t experience elsewise.

You can see the mountain Teide in a completely new dimension and of course the unique beauty and variety of Tenerife. With a little bit of luck you could even see some whales or dolphins between La Gomera and Tenerife.

The view from above…

… enables you to see the Teno mountains, the lava flows and the Masca canyon which will defintely lead you to a “wow”-moment in the same way as the view of the National Park, the breathtaking Barrancos or the gigantic cliffs of Los Gigantes. It’s also a good way to get an overview of the different coastal lines and their beaches.

For up to 90€ per person you get a great experience which you’ll remember for a long time. For about 1.200€ you can even take over the pilot position of the helicopter!

helicopter-tour tenerife

Parasailing in Tenerife – Para sail away

Parasailing in Tenerife , also known as Parascending is a popular kiting activity.

It is highly recommended on the island because of the marvellous view you have from above.

While parasailing you ascend to 100 meters and you will be able to enjoy all the wildlife Tenerife has to offer from the sky. Peacefulness in the air- alone or as a tandem. It’s up to you.

The minimum weight for flying alone is 150 pounds and the maximum 450 pounds in case of tandem or triple flights.

In case the boat has engine troubles, the participants are gently lowered into the water and with the  life jackets you wear you will be safe for sure.

So where are the places where you can join this activity?

The most activities take place along the south-west coast of Tenerife with departures from

  • Puerto Colón
  • Los Gigantes (Costa Adeje)
  • El Medano

Basic facts about Parasailing

  • The term is often confused with the activity paragliding, which does not include the connection to a vehicle. Parasailing normally includes a boat and a parasailer who is attached to it and glides through the air. But there are also other variations like the attachment to a car or even a truck. But the vehicle needs to have enough power to move one or more persons at the same time.
  • In general there is no age limit for parasailing but participants need to be at least 2 years old and certainly not afraid of heights. It is also suitable for physically handicapped persons.
  • Parasailing is a relatively young sport which was developed in 1961 by Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne.He has been selling the “parasail” since 1963. Afterwards the whole equipment needed, like a stationary parasailing platform, winch boat and many other safety arrangements were invented by Mark McCulloh. The winch boat is now used by many commercial parasailing businesses.

Paragliding in Tenerife – Feeling free like a bird

So on the other hand there’s paragliding. This sport allows you a bird’s-eye view of this beautiful island and to experience limitless freedom and thus an unforgettable experience. In up to over 2000m height you have a breathtaking view of the diversified landscape, the National Park, the Teide, the different cities and the beaches.

Costa Adeje is a perfect place for paragliding

Where can I book paragliding?

Schools, clubs and private paragliders are widespread over the whole island and offer different courses and flights. (Often, the guides speak english or even german.) The most beautiful and challenging place for paragliding in Tenerife is the north, especially around Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz, La Orotava, Tacoronte and Los Realejos. But also in the south there are some proper flight areas like Adeje and Jama.

Because of the never ending spring in Tenerife, Paragliding is possible nearly all  year round, depending on the weather. Moreover, the unique shape of Tenerife, including the mountain Teide, provides a lot of starting points for flying over the island, with flights lasting about half an hour.

Paragliding is suitable for each age, from kid to retiree and for about 90 € everybody can live the dream of flying in the sky!

So you see there are plenty of adventures to enjoy on this beautiful island. And by using the words of Mark Twain:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


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