5 Amazing Mountain Bike Tours on Tenerife

Tenerife offers many different areas and difficulties for mountain biking for any kind of mountain biker. There are countless nice single trails. From easy single trails to more difficult single trails for more advanced riders. It’s up to you what kind of trail you want to ride.

And as a bonus to your riding fun you always get an amazing views of this beautiful island and the ocean. So here are some of the most popular biking areas on Tenerife where you can start your unforgettable mountain biking tour.


Anaga Mountains

The Anaga mountains are in the north eastern part of Tenerife. This is a very green area and you will have a good mixture of height meters and down meters on your tour for sure.

For legal single-trails this is the best part of the island. Here you will find many challenging rocky trails and some nice views on the island or the ocean. But most of the time you can also choose whether you want to go on a difficult single trail or take the easy trail.


Esperanza Forest

The Esperanza forest, above La Laguna is on of the most beautiful and greenest wooded areas in Tenerife. It has many wide tracks and offers mostly easy single-trails. Riding in this large pine tree area is a really stunning experience.


La Orotava Valley

La Orotava valley is a extremely varied area. There you will find long descents, either on single-trails or wide tracks. But of course if you want do some uphill just start at the bottom of the Valley.

La Orotava Valley is a beautiful mostly wooded area. When the weather is good, as most time of the year, and you don’t have any clouds over La Orotava Valley you will get some incredible views on Puerto de la Cruz and the Ocean or the Teide mountain.


Vilaflor Area

In the Vilaflor Area you will find mostly easy to ride and wide forest roads. Of course this is not very difficult to ride for most of the mountain bikers but on the other hand you will have amazing views on the Corona Forestal and the east coast of Tenerife. And if you want to, you can have a nice descent after a little bit of Uphill with a nice overview of the area.

Of course there is much more on Tenerife. But if you start with this areas you will get a first impression how stunning mountain biking on Tenerife is. If you now want to go on a mountain biking tour on your own we have some tours for you.

Of course Tenerife offers countless possibilities for mountain biking. These five tours are in different areas of the island so you will see all the varieties the islands offers.

On this interactive map you can see an overview of all the tours and of course you can download them for using with your GPS device or smartphone. The tours are available in many different formats so it should be no problem to download a tour in a format that fit your needs.

Tour descriptions 

Anaga Mountains

Here is a really good Anaga tour for you. It is about 25 km and has round about 1000 height meters. Many of the Uphill Sections are on asphalt street but you are right in the middle of this beautiful wooded area.

Once you leave the street and the uphill sections you will have some awesome single trails. At half of the tour you can have a little break at “Casa Carlos” and enjoy some great canarian food like “pollo con papas arrugadas”.

Anaga Mountains, Tenerife

La Orotava Valley

This Orotava Valley tour has a distance of 26 km and 560 height meters. If you like to do much more uphill you can start the tour from the bottom and you will have round about 1000 height meters more but then you have to go through the inhabited area of course.

On this round course you ride after the first uphill part along La Orotava valley with its nice view on Puerto de la Cruz and the valley.

Orotava Valley, Tenerife


The Vilaflor tour has a length of 20 km and you will get 540 height meters. At the beginning you will have all of the uphill from the tour. After that you can enjoy the descent part with its amazing view in every direction around you.

Vilaflor Area, Tenerife

Montañas negras

This awesome Montañas Negras tour has a distance of 39 km and you will climb 900 height meters. You will ride through a mixture of green wooded areas and lava environment.

Montañas Negras, Tenerife

La Corona

This “one way” 6,5 km long tour will bring you 430 height meters. Of course you can double the distance of this tour and ride the same way back. On the way back you can just enjoy the view to the ocean and to the Orotava valley. Pure descent fun on this way back.

La Corona, Tenerife


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